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fb4498988i98Medium Readings – Valerie wants you to know your loved ones in spirit, are still around, watching over you and guiding you. Sometimes it may be difficult for you, to hear, or know the signs they are sending you. Valerie can help you understand messages your loved ones are sending. You may just feel a warm knowing that they are around, see something that reminds you of them. Birds are also signs from the heavens..You may need more confirmation that they are around. That’s when medium Valerie can assist you. When she can as a medium can get in touch with a lost loved one, that can be the best confirmation yet. After all, it’s very difficult to confirm a loved one is with us, on our own. That’s because a medium can give you answers, no one could possibly know. Valerie has given many medium readings on radio as well as by phone. She has brought through pets and people in a session. Valerie works with spirit,  by getting information through her gifts such as clairvoyance, intuition and remote viewing. She sees physical attributes of a spirit when they were living, hearing a name, or just receiving a spiritual message from them.

If you would like a shamanic session you may contact Valerie HERE

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